Double Video Premiere!

Devon Sproule: "The Opposite Muse"

We’re thrilled to premiere two sister videos from Tin Angel Records labelmates Devon Sproule and John Southworth.  Both were directed and edited by John and feature overlapping footage.  In honor of the collaboration, each artist has written about the other’s song. 

Devon will be on tour in the UK next week, releasing her newest album, The Gold String.  Go see her / tell your British pals!  You can catch her back here at The Garage for Letter Writing Day on the afternoon of Saturday, May 13.  Mark your calendars...

March 22nd – Exeter, UK – Exeter Phoenix
March 23rd – London, UK – Roundhouse
March 24th – Oxford, UK – The Cellar
March 25th – Bristol, UK – The Lantern, Colston Hall 2
March 26th – Birmingham, UK – The Kitchen Garden Cafe
March 28th – Edinburgh, UK – Douglas Robertson Studio
March 29 – Sheffield, UK – Greystones
March 30th – York, UK – The Basement
March 31st – Newcastle Upon Tyne – The Cluny 2
April 1st – Glasgow, UK – Glad Cafe
April 2nd – Aberdeen, UK – The Lemon Tree
April 5th – Kirkwall, UK – King Street Halls
April 7th – Lerwick, UK – Quarff Hall


Devon Sproule: "The Opposite Muse"

The bulk of the footage was filmed at Devon’s Grandmother’s cottage on a small island in Lac Tremblant, Quebec - a healing, fairy tale locale of deep-wooded sanctity, folkloric ritual, preserved in early-20th century time. I picked out Devon’s old peasantry attire rather randomly in a Value Village in Toronto. I didn’t know her sizes but the clothes fitted as if I had hired an expert costume designer. I bought all the spices, couscous and pumpkin seeds on Rue Jean Talon in Montreal the day before the shoot. I think I brought up twenty pounds of turmeric. Devon plays a Prospero-type where she has to eventually leave the magic isle and return back to the fallen mainland. Janine plays a naiad nymph/Grandmother ghost. That’s about as far as I want to read into it. As a songwriter and singer, Devon is a true magician, a spell-maker with harnessed, seasoned powers. This song had me spellbound by its sublime feeling, melancholies, solitudes, memories, so purely, lovingly weaved. Yep, Devon’s a true magician. 

— John Southworth


"Make no mistake" is from John's latest album "Small Town Water Tower." He plays Kazoo Fest on April 7 in Guelph, Ontario.

While we were shooting these videos, everything felt mellow and sacred, which is the same feeling I get when I listen to John’s music.  The colours and actions of everydayness deepen: the itchiness of a day-old wasp sting…the stomach-drop at the first baby squawk in the night…the silence and speed of outer space…a skirt in slow motion…a river with islands at its mouth.  When we toured together in England, I got to see John in that vibrant time right before someone becomes a parent.  Our tour van drove over a little slip of ocean to Holy Island and then — look! — here it is in this song.  Love and nature fuzz and spin with space and spirit.  John’s voice and eye are always the perfect amount of far-out for me: just far enough out to keep me moving forward. "Make no mistake" is from John's latest album "Small Town Water Tower." He plays Kazoo Fest on April 7 in Guelph, Ontario.

— Devon Sproule